Organic Lotion Bars

Use this DIY recipe to make non allergic lotion bars for your family and help soothe dry skin and rashes this cold season. Lotion Bar Ingred [...]

Yummy Garlic & pepper Mashed Potato

Learn to make this tasty delicacy in less than 30 mins at home and wow the man of your dreams. Ingredients 1. Potatoes. 1kg 2. Garlic. 4 lea [...]

Interiors: Redesign your Home

Home decor has become one of the most popular endeavours of our age. Redesigning your home has become more crucial given that not many peopl [...]

10 Secrets to lose that flab in 14 days!

All the tips and tricks you will need to shed that extra fat and maintain the dream body that you have always desired. [...]

Exercise post C-Section

How to safely exercise without straining or harming your muscles and still get the flat abs you want today [...]

DIY facial Cleanser & Moisturiser

Make this simple facial cleanser and moisturiser from the comfort of your home. Use simple and readily available ingredients in your home to [...]

Body & Soul: Yoga

Learn the secrets that the great nutritionists and body experts would ever want you to know. Yoga enhances the senses and the mind. [...]

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